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About this item

  • Iconic Shape Lighters: Thanks to its particular shape, this pocket lighter fits perfectly well in the pocket and makes a great choice for all, as well as a great kitchen lighter for your cooking needs.
  • Windproof Lighters For Backpackers: Need a soft flame butane lighter for your camping holidays, hunting, or fishing trip? The Clipper lighters are not only windproof but also water-resistant and work right after having been submerged in water.
  • Help Relieve Pressure On Landfills: Unlike similar lighters, the Clipper lighter is refillable and nature-friendly. No need to dispose of it when empty - get a butane refill, replace the Clipper lighter flint, and reuse it.
  • Novelty Lighter With Poking Tool: Featuring a solid metal tip, the Clipper lighter is much more than a candle lighter - it has a built-in removable packing tool.
  • Add Color To Your Life: These cute lighters are strictly-tested, safe, reliable, child-proof proof and offered in a wide range of fashion colors and trendy designs, in different sizes and packs. Choose a lighter pack in the size that suits your needs.

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