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If you're bored with the old-fashioned tobacco flavor try using the Original AL CAPONE LEAF WRAP. The creamy and smooth taste is derived from the fermentation of tobacco leaves, which give you the best tobacco taste. Al Capone Leaf Wrap Original is made with real rum imported from the United States to give a deeper and more intense flavor. If you're in the market for an exquisite and smooth smoking cigarette or a premium stogie, these wraps are sure to turn you into a fan within a matter of minutes.

Al Capone Original BLUNT WRAP is made of tobacco leaves that don't have veins that are thick. The leaf is elastic and comes in precut sizes. The self-adhesive strip is simple to close. Al Capone cigarillos are hand-rolled in the USA and were brought into the marketplace by Inter-Continental Cigar in 1996. The company's growth has made it the fastest-growing company of the organic tobacco leaf as well as hand-rolled cigars.

With years of experience making premium tobacco products this Al Capone label has created the most effective leaf wrappers that provide an easy and smooth smoking experience. The tobacco leaves are grown in shade in Brazil for the best flavour and scent. The wrapper's smooth texture makes rolling a breeze and also makes the taste more well-balanced. It's also filled with the right amount of nicotine to create an extremely smooth and enjoyable smoke. If you're seeking a fresh method of smoking, then leaf wraps from Al Capone are perfect for you.

Although the Al Capone Leaf Wrap is ideal for those who smoke cigarettes, they're fantastic wraps for blunt smokers. The tobacco leaves that are included in Leaf wraps from Al Capone are soft and evenly burned. They're also easy to use, not requiring taking a lick, filling it, or twisting. They're also all-natural, so they're easy to clean and suitable for smokers on the go. Also, they're available in a broad variety of flavors, such as Cognac and Rum and you'll be able to discover something that will suit your preferences for smoking.

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